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About Open Door Support

Open Door Support was established as a resource for whole-life sexual health education for youth, parents, caregivers, educators, and healthcare providers. We provide the skills to navigate questions, attitudes, and experiences surrounding sexual health, and a framework that promotes healthy and inclusive conversations at every age. The mission is to offer compassionate education through classroom curriculum, parent workshops, one-on-one consulting, and customized training for schools and healthcare professionals. We provide age and setting-appropriate resources that are medically accurate and promote shame-free conversations where everyone is seen, heard, and respected. 


Open Door Support is an educational resource for teachers, parents, caregivers and healthcare professionals. 

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Why Does
Sexual Health Matter?

As we grow up, we are inundated with messages about sexuality, gender and sexual health. These messages can be conflicting and impact children, teenagers and adults in a variety of ways. For some, we learn to be ashamed of sexuality, for others, we struggle to establish boundaries or find pleasure. Click below to read actual statistics on why sexual health matters and how it impacts all of us, at every age. 

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