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About Trish Hecker

Your Guide to Sexual Health Education

Trish is a mom of two teenagers and passionate about the confidence and self-advocacy that sexual health education provides, at all ages. She has a certificate in Sexuality Education and Masters in Arts in Social Sciences with an emphasis in Human Development and Educational Studies from Antioch University. With over twenty years in the hospitality industry and in business management, Trish understands the power of healthy communication, removing shame, and incorporating honesty and respect when talking to children and adolescents about sexual health.

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Your Resource for Compassionate Education

Open Door Support was established as a resource for whole-life sexual health education for parents, caregivers, educators, and healthcare providers as they navigate questions, attitudes, and experiences surrounding sexual health for the children in their care. The mission is to offer compassionate education for our youth, through both classroom curriculum and resources that support the adults in their lives. 


Open Door Support works in the community through the classroom using California Healthy Youth Act approved curriculum, and also through parent workshops, one-on-one consulting, and customized training for teachers and healthcare professionals. We offer compassionate education using honest, medically-accurate, developmentally appropriate information and the skills to continue supporting youth, adolescents and families both at home and in school. 

Our Philsophy

Our open door policy

Our door is open to hearts and minds looking for education, growth and healing.

We are dedicated to providing a safe space for learning that is free of violence, judgment or criticism, and we ask the same of those participating in our classes and workshops.


Please reach out with any questions or to schedule a discovery call about what resources might be the best fit for you or your organization.

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Something for Everyone

We offer a variety of workshops to fit your family or organization's needs. Select from our menu of adult-centered workshops, or browse our upcoming workshops to see what is available right now. Interested in having your organization host a private workshop or workshop series? Contact us today!

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